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What our Friends are Saying

From the moment we walked in to see the Pawluk home, that we now live in, we knew that this was the home for us.  We were blown away with the craftsmanship and the pride that was taken into building this house.  We bought this house as our starter home and we will be looking at buying another Pawluk Home as our family grows.


When we decided it was time to build our dream home, we had a very specific idea of wanting an old American Craftsman/Colonial style home. As we searched for the best custom home builder, it was clear that Pawluk Homes was the only company that was going to be able to meet our high standards and expectations. From drafting the plans to possession day, the attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship was exactly what we asked for. The Pawluk team, their tradespeople and suppliers listened to our ideas and worked with us in every aspect to achieve our exact vision. We recommend Pawluk Homes to anyone looking for the perfect custom home builder to complete their dream home. We did, and we couldn't be happier with the results.


-Tyler & Amy Briley

There are so many great things to say about working with Pawluk Homes. Working with Dave, Arlene and the whole Pawluk team made building our first home so easy and incredibly memorable. They are an amazing group of compassionate, understanding, hardworking people. What we appreciate most is how quickly they were able to accommodate a big last-minute change when we had a family emergency in the middle of the build. Dave went above and beyond and we cannot thank him enough.

We worked closely with Arlene and she was a great source of help and support throughout the entire project - she kept us on track and answered any and all questions that we had (and still have). Rachel was phenomenal! She understood the vision we had for our home and met with us to help refine ALL of the details that would bring everything together. Our home would not look as amazing without her help! And Rachelle was great and so quick with providing us any paperwork as well as helping us with questions we had. It felt like everyone was invested. We would definitely work with Pawluk Homes again.


-Michelle & Trevor

Pawluk Homes is a wonderful new home builder. Their eye for detail and added value for their clients makes them stand apart from the rest. They go above and beyond what other new builders can offer and I would be happy to use them in my next custom build project. With a strong sales team behind their skilled workers, Pawluk is true to be a top contender in the new home industry.


I purchased a Pawluk home and love my house. I have never had any problems with service. Whenever I have called they've gotten back to me right away and had the people here in good time. They are friendly and helpful. I would buy another Pawluk Home in a heartbeat. Above quality finishing for an affordable price.


We are as impressed with our home now as we were two years ago when we first purchased it. Pawluk Homes truly provide a standard of service unmatched by their competitors. The superior quality of their work is evident in every nook and cranny of our house, and it is clear that their high standards hold true through all levels of the company. Thank you for our beautiful home!


-Casey & Jeremy

We have custom-built several homes with different builders over the years before deciding to purchase our current home from Pawluk. The quality of the home, the level of finishing, and thought that went into designing the layout was top notch. We had viewed other Pawluk show homes in the past, and each was built to this high standard. You can tell that Pawluk takes pride in the homes they build. It is obvious it is not about making a quick buck, but more about building a quality product that people will appreciate. A formula for long term success in my opinion.
> Arlene, who is our main point of contact, was very organized and professional. The home package they supply is well done and very helpful in managing our home once we took possession. All of the homes product info, documentation, and contact numbers were at our fingertips. They are also very prompt if any issues occur. If we were to build again or recommend a builder, we would not hesitate to choose Pawluk. Job well done!!

-Matt Desmarais

Being in the housing industry, I have seen my fair share of new builds. When I was first introduced to Pawluk Homes four years ago, the quality and workmanship was evident.  The superior finishings and overall utmost dedication and passion displayed by the builder was what sold me.  Dave and Bob Pawluk are extremely knowledgeable and skilled, leaving you with no doubt that the home you are purchasing or building is up to their high standards. With a home being the biggest purchase you will make in your life, this is important! I personally would not even consider another builder, so I bought one of Pawluk Home's spec homes.  From the very beginning, their team has made the process seamless, enjoyable and exciting. There is also a sense of comfort in knowing you live in a WELL built, solid home.  As time passes and the more other new builds I see, I feel more and more strongly that I would not consider any other builder. I find myself saying "Well it sure isn't a Pawluk" all too often.  Once you step foot in one of their homes, you understand.  Our next house will be a Pawluk Home.  I highly recommend Pawluk Homes to anyone looking to buy an existing spec home, a previously owned Pawluk Home or customizing a new build! 


-Tarren Newhouse 

We purchased our home from Pawluk homes in January 2015. We have been very impressed with the quality finishings and we are proud to call it home. When we bought we were informed of our “progressive new home warranty”, that covered various things for the first year of ownership. It’s been 3 years since we purchased our home, and although Pawluk has no obligation to check in on us and help us when things come up, they still have assisted us in any way that they can. We would definitely recommend Pawluk homes to anyone looking to buy or build a new home.

-A. Hand

Pawluk Homes recently built our dream home in Warman, we were very impressed throughout the build process with the customer service, attention to detail and dedication that the Pawluk team provided. Their level of standard truly separates them from the competition and is exemplified through the finest team of local trades and suppliers. Pawluk Homes has the ability to give you exactly the house you envisioned while staying on the budget, we could not have been happier with our custom home.


-Adam and Lauren Lorenz

We will always recommend Pawluk Homes to anyone who wants to build a new house! 

My father summed up our build perfectly when he said "I don't know if codes have changed, because it definitely looks like they are going above and beyond", and we definitely felt like they were. The Pawluk Home family is an expert in their field. Due to their own amazing character and dedication to their craft, this company has attracted the best contractors and employees to work alongside them.   When our build was over my husband and I couldn't believe how smooth the process went. We couldn't be happier with our gorgeous new home.  We will make sure we keep in touch with and will always promote the amazing people at Pawluk Homes!

-Dionne LaPrairie

My husband and I purchased our new home from Pawluk Homes in August 2016, in Warman. Our house was a completed new build that we loved. We wanted some additional things completed, such as heater in the garage, deck, etc. Pawluks were very accommodating with our requests and we had no problems agreeing on a price. We have been very satisfied with our home. It is a well built home with no concerns. Pawluks were very good in the year follow up and completing any minor concern we had. I have recommended Pawluk Homes to several people and will definitely consider them again if we were to purchase another home. Thanks for the fabulous service.

-Happy Client

I purchased my home in the summer of 2016, it was my first ever home purchase. I had been renting for years and years and finally decided that it was time to buy a home of my own. The sales process was terrific and so was Arlene and everyone else involved. I highly recommend this builder. The couple of small issues that came up were immediately taken care of on my schedule. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team over at Pawluk homes!!

-Alex S.

When we walked into the main room, we immediately knew that this was the house for us! Our home perfectly suits our lifestyle, and has exceeded our expectations, for quality materials and expert workmanship. We could not have asked for a better partnership than with the amazing people at Pawluk Homes, as they offer a superb level of personality and professionalism. 


- B. H.

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